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Innovative Growing Solutions. IGS can provide you witheverything you need to maximize your indoor garden.
You can find Grow Lights, Organics, Nutrients, hydroponic systems, soils, LED grow lights, and much much more!
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The Only West Coast Supplier of LED Grow Lights. The efficent and cost effective way to garden indoors. Digital Ballasts to control your grow lights are available to make growing more efficient then ever.
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West Coast . Spinning Grow Lights, Digital Ballasts and much more! Spinning your grow light mixes the bulbs spectrums to simulate the sun like not other grow light can.
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Tennessee Crawlers, Inc.
We grow nightcrawlers for fishing bait, garden, and lawns.
We sell earthworm castings for house plants flower beds, and gardens.
Web Site:
Tennessee Crawlers, Inc., 1265 Mt Herman Rd., Shelbyville, TN 37160

I.E. Hydrogarden
Everything from nutrients to grow lights.
Exculsive Top secret nutrient seller.
Web Site:
Inland Empire Hydro Garden, 1301 unit C , San Jacinto, ca 92583

American QuantumPONIC Imports

Combining Harford Greenhouses with QuantumPONIC technology, for guaranteed results! Something for the hobbyist, to the commercial grower! Products Lighting, nutrients, climate controls, growing mediums, growing systems, organic insecticides,

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5911 E. University #108 Dallas, TX. 75206

JRM Chemical, Inc.
Soil Moist (tm) water storing polymer products.
Available with and without timed release fertilizer, and in spike and disk form. Retail and commercial sizes available.
Web Site: E-mail:
15663 NEO Parkway Cleveland, OH 44128

Atlantis Hydroponics, Inc.
Retail and mailorder outlet based in Athens, GA, promoting hydroponics through education and hands on experience.
Suppliers of hydroponic equipment, accessories, complete hydro systems, lighting and all your other hydro needs. Visit our great grow room. Friendly staff. We match prices. Easy secure online ordering. Phone: (706) 543-9980 Toll Free: (888) 305-4450 Fax: (706) 543-9919
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1037 C Baxter Street, Athens, GA 30603

Southern AG Online
Pesticide and Fertilizer information
for professional growers and gardeners Phone: 941-722-3285
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PO Box 218 Palmetto, Fl 34221

Sundine Enterprises, Inc.
Isolite, porous ceramic - permanent soil amendment,
either stand-alone or mixed with soil, to permanently alter the porosity in the soil. Humic acid available in granular or water-soluble form. For orchids, bonsai, containers, house plants, etc. Phone: 303-423-8669
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Acadian Seaplants Limited
Acadian Seaplants is a diversified, biotechnology-based manufacturer of natural,
specialty fertilizers and crop biostimulants, feed, food and botanical and brewery ingredients derived from select species of marine plants.
Web Site:

Earth Foods Associates, Inc.

Our site promotes gardening.
Lee Fryer, author of 9 books and various articles on gardening, food and farming, using both the resouces of science and nature to produce food that is nutritious, delicious, and grown in ways that do not pollute land, air and water. We sell his books and an environment safe fertilizer, Ocean-Gro. New, out this month, A Child's Organic Garden Teacher parent Guide to Organic Gardening.
Phone: 301-946-7411
Web Site: E-mail:
11221 Rose Lane, Wheaton, MD 20902

Dakota Blue Worms
We grow and sell a mixture of 3 species of red worms GREAT for composting!
You will be amazed to see them devour your garbage and turn it into beautiful rich compost, safe and nutritious for all your garden plants. Phone: 912-759-1719
Web Site: E-mail:
P O Box 765, Albany GA 31702

We are manufacturers / distributors of Natural, Organic, Biological Fertilizers,
Micro-Nutrients, Soil conditioners,
Humic Acids, Seaweed nutritional products, Fish
nutritional products and Crop Protection products.
Web Site:
8721 Casper Ave, Hudson Fl. 34667
Carbotech Iowa, Inc.

We are a humorganic fertilizer plant. We manufacture a highly concentrated organic-based liquid fertilizer named Nutrex, humic and fulvic acid, and fertilized seed coating named Pelletex. Excellent products for agriculture, lawn & turf, and consumers. No harmful chemicals to hurt the environment. Phone: 641-648-6715 Web Site: E-mail:
418 2nd Avenue SW, Dyersville, IA 52040

Horticultural Alliance, Inc.

Diehard Innoculants are "cocktails" that we have put together of mycorrhizal fungi,
biostimulants, beneficial bacteria and water management gels for use as transplant amendments, root dips, root injection and vertimulching. Our approach is simple include the very best technologies into our products to give our customers100% active, natural systems.
Web Site: Email:
P.O. Box 5744, Sarasota, FL 34277
Earth's Answer Organic Products

We manmufacture a 100 % organic fertilizer derived from worm castings. It is ecologically safe, nonburning, ordorless, rich in Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorus. You can build up your garden and enhance plants with rich, power growing organic soil enhancer. Phone: 323-789-5847 Fax: 310-635-0996
Web Site: E-mail:
P.O. Box 88983, Los Angeles, CA. 90009
Hydroasis Hydroponics and Gardening Superstore

Leaders in hydroponic and organic gardening. Serious selection of grow lights, hydroponic systems, soils, fertilizers, stimulants, CO2, environmental controls and knowledge. Secure online catalog for hydroponic, hobby greenhouse and indoor garden supplies. We match prices and ship everywhere. Phone:(323)653-GROW Toll Free:(888)355-GROW Fax:(323)653-0569
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5859 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Superior Growers Supply, Inc.

SGS is your connection with state-of-the-art Dutch growing technology and with the manufacturers of the Europonic rockwool system and nutrients. To suit all of your needs, we carry a full line of products to help the indoor/greenhouse gardener. Need advice or just a catalog? Call us toll free. Phone:1-800-227-0027
Web Site: E-mail:
4870 Dawn Ave., East Lansing, MI 48823
Super Hydro offering the lastest in Hydroponics

Super Hydro is a website designed to fulfill every need of the indoor hydroponic hobbyist. Carrying grow lights, pH test kits, plant nutrients and hydroponic systems. Hydroponics fun and much more
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Grow Joe, Inc.

Coffee Fertilizer products. Liquid, powder, and biodegradable pots made from used, neutralized coffee grounds. Only one of it\'s kind. Tested effective by PSU and Grandma!
Web Site: E-mail:

Clear Rivers Evironmental fluid Products
Large selection of plastic,wood,and stainless steel tanks of all shapes and sizes.
From the hobbist to the pro, we have it all.
Web Site : E-mail:
18032-C Lemon Drive #596, Yorba Linda, Ca 92886

Survival Hydroponics

The biggest and best supplier of hydroponics growing equipment. Shop online with us to find all the information and products you need for succesful indoor growing. Grow systems to grow lights and nutrients to boosters - we have it all here at Survival Hydroponcs. Phone: 1-866-how-2-gro
Web Site: E-mail:
74991 joni dr # 9, palm desert ca 92260
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Step Probe Soil Sampler - $ 74.99
About the Step Probe Soil Sampler: A super tough stainless steel construction with a reinforced slot. The core is 14.25 inches by 1 inch..

Solo Multi-purpose sprayer - $ 49.99
About the Solo Multi-purpose Sprayer:Made of tough, high-impact injection molded plastic, with pressure control gauge for low pressure, no drift herbicide spraying; quick pressure release capability for safe opening.

Planting Dibble Bar - $ 44.99
About the Dibble Bar: The blade is wedge-shaped in the cross section. It is 38" long with 3" wide by 10-1/4" blade, which tapers to a thin wedge.

Four Way Soil Analyzer - $ 39.99
About the Four Way Soil Analyzer: The meter has black plastic hosing, with probes that are 3 3/8 inches long. It has a single gauge for all four readings and comes with a complete guide with reading recommendations for most plants.