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Disc-Hoe Marketing, Inc...."Hearts" in the garden
Our patented heart shaped hoe easily removes sod ,
weeds beds, edges beds & digs planting holes. This great tool also makes a great gift for a gardener. No backache with this extra long handled tool.
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Disc-Hoe Marketing, Inc. 1999 Buford St. Alva, Fl 33920

Lawn Aerator Attachment for Garden Tiller
Converts your garden tiller into a lawn aerator.
Fits many front-tine and mid-tine garden tillers.
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Lawnmowers Guide
A guide on lawn mowers and garden tractors and how to choose the right type for your garden.
With market overview and detailed articles on lawn care.
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Tractor Buddy by PTC, Inc.
Tractor Buddy® is the NEWEST accessory you MUST have!!!
It easily attaches to the hitch of most lawn tractors and holds a 2 1/2, 5, or 6 gallon bucket which can be used to hold trash, rocks, weeds, even cold drinks... you name it! Simply pull out the bucket and change to your garden tool bucket, tree trimming bucket, or ice melter bucket and head out for your next chore. You can attach your trailer to the extended hitch without removing your Tractor Buddy. Most important- Tractor Buddy is AFFORDABLE!
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713 E. Water Street, Pendleton, IN 46064
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If you have a sandspur problem, we have the solution.
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Lea Steel Co., 1990 Sommersett Rd., Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. 28469
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