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Irrigation Systems
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Rainwater Harvesting
Our goal is to provide good information on anything related to rainwater collection
but at the same time introduce our outstanding new rainwater harvesting unit to you.
Web Site: E-mail:

Anglia Hydroponics
suppliers of full range of hydroponic supplies including lights,
tanks, nutrients, fans, filters, beneficial insects etc, etc.
Web Site: E-mail:
10 greenwich close, landseer rd, ipswich, ip30dd.

Aaron's Rain Barrels
Aaron makes rain barrels out of recycled materials,
we also have a new home and garden directory for you to submit a url to.
Web Site:

Watering Systems
Provides Wetpot Watering Systems. A sub-surface ceramic pot watering system that slowly seeps out water under gravity pressure direct to your plants roots,
providing an automatic and very efficient garden watering solution. Saving you time, money and water.
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53 Seaview Tce ,Sunshine Beach, QLD 4567 Australia

Irrigation Systems
Learn about irrigation systems including: drip irrigation,
sprinkler systems, rain barrels and lawn sprinklers.
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Coast Waterworks Irrigation & Ponds
Lawn & garden irrigation, pond & fountain, house & yard drainage, landscape lighting.
Design, installation and product information, controller manuals, etc.
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Victoria, BC, Canada

Probotics for Robotics Lawn and Garden Care
We carry a selection of home robotics to make your home and garden time more enjoyable.
Robotic mowers quietly and cleanly maintain your lawn while water saving irrigation robots keep it healthy.
Web Site:
DripWorks is your complete source for dripand spray irrigation.
We also carry Everliner Pond Products. Online store and free catalog available.
Web Site:
DripWorks, Inc. 190 Sanhedrin Circle, Willits, CA 95490

The Growers Solution
The Greenhouse Guys...For all of your gardening and nursery needs.
If you like dirt, you'll love this site! With plant containers, plant pots,fertilizers, sprayers, polycarbonate, siphon mixer or any other products and accessories they are sure to have what you need.
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Irrigation and Watering Systems: PLANT-DRIP and TENSIOMETERS
AIDL offers PLANT-DRIP for potted plants,
which releases water to the plant according to its exact needs; and TENSIOMETERS which are reliable and easy to set up and maintain. Tensiometers are great for agriculture fields, landscaping, private or public gardens, golf courses and such. Check out our unique IRRIGATION CONTROLLER.
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Affordable Rain Barrel
We sell a quality rain barrel.
Free shipping!
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Supplier of Irrigation Systems and Components,
as well as other agricultural related products. Plastic Mulch, Tomato Stakes, etc. Free catalog availible. Phone: 616-429-8200 Fax: 616-429-6669
Web Site: E-mail:
4266 Hollywood Road St. Joseph, MI 49085 616-429-8200 Fax 616-429-6669

advanced plastics technology
Make it Rain (TM) gives the gardener the ability to water shrubs, plants, and trees.
The way they want, how they want, where they want, and the ability to regulate the amount of water. All you need is a garden hose and water.
Web Site
: E-mail:
PO Box 4086, Manchester, NH 03108

Atlantis Hydroponics, Inc.
Retail and mailorder outlet based in Athens, GA, promoting hydroponics through education and hands on experience.
Suppliers of hydroponic equipment, accessories, complete hydro systems, lighting and all your other hydro needs. Visit our great grow room. Friendly staff. We match prices. Easy secure online ordering. Phone: (706) 543-9980 Toll Free: (888) 305-4450 Fax: (706) 543-9919
Web Site: E-mail:
1037 C Baxter Street, Athens, GA 30603

Homegrown Hydroponics Inc.

World leader in hydroponic supplies shipping world wide daily.
26 locations . Manufacturer of lighting kits, Dutch Nutrient Formula, flood trays and reservoirs, hydroponic garden kits. Distributor of SunMaster Grow Lamps plus a complete line of brand name products. Free catalogue. Excellent rates. 1 800 INFO GRO
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Disc-Hoe Marketing, Inc...."Hearts" in the gardenOur patented heart shaped hoe easily removes sod ,

weeds beds, edges beds & digs planting holes. This great tool also makes a great gift for a gardener. No backache with this extra long handled tool.

Web Site:
Disc-Hoe Marketing, Inc. 1999 Buford St. Alva, Fl 33920

The Gatorbag Gateway
The official web site of the Treegator and Treegator Jr. Portable Drip Irrigation Systems for trees.
It's the "Easy Way to Water!" Toll Free: 1-800-800-7391, Phone: (919) 878-8911, Fax:(919)872-6173
Web Site:
Spectrum Products, 4200-152 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27604

ACF Greenhouses
Featuring a large selection of greenhouse kits
to meet every gardeners needs and budget and supplies like heaters, misting systems, greenhouse film, ventialtion systems, and greenhouse controls.
Web Site: E-mail:
380 Greenhouse Drive, Buffalo Jct., VA 24529
Drip Irrigation Online
Supplier of conventional and drip/micro-irrigation systems
and suppliers for the farmer and grower. Phone: 704-732-0242
Web Site: E-mail:
104 Terrace Place, Lincolnton, NC. 28092

Our line of Aeroponic gardening containers are convenient and productive.
Web Site: E-mail :

Landscape Contractors Co.
We specialize in professional landscaping,irrigation,sod,mulch,natural rock work,ponds,and much much more. Phone: (870) 499-5877
Web Site: E-mail:
Terry & Robin Zelk, Norfork, AR

Superior Growers Supply, Inc.
SGS is your connection with state-of-the-art Dutch growing technology and with the manufacturers of the Europonic rockwool system and nutrients. To suit all of your needs, we carry a full line of products to help the indoor/greenhouse gardener. Need advice or just a catalog? Call us toll free. Phone:1-800-227-0027
Web Site: E-mail:
4870 Dawn Ave., East Lansing, MI 48823
Arid Solutions Inc.

Online store offering water collection tanks, what some people call rain barrels. We also offer other water conservation products.
Web Site: E-mail:

Home Of The Water Wizard

The water wizard takes the guesswork out of watering trees, bushes and garden plants. Rugged and very affordable. Phone: 901-573-2106
Web Site: E-mail:
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Treegator® Jr. - $ 21.99
About the Treegator® Jr.: The Treegator® Jr. offers approximately 6 hours worth of drip time. It is 33 inches round and 7 inches high when filled. The fill opening will fit a 1.5 inch diameter hose. Treegator® Jr. must be used on a level surface or properly built mulch pile.
Drip Irri-GATOR 100 ft - $ 36.99
About the Drip Irri-GATOR 100 feet: This kit irrigates 4 - 20 ft. rows up to 5’ apart. Easy to follow instructions included. The Irri-Gator's unique Ro-Drip tubing system includes a filter regulator and easy, no-tools-required fittings. This system gets water right to the root zone with precision and economy.
Drip Irri-GATOR 250 ft - $ 54.99
About the Drip Irri-GATOR 250 feet:This kit irrigates 6 - 35 ft. rows up to 5’ apart. Easy to follow instructions included. The Irri-Gator's unique Ro-Drip tubing system includes a filter regulator and easy, no-tools-required fittings. This system gets water right to the root zone with precision and economy.
Drip Irri-GATOR 1000 ft - $ 129.99
About the Drip Irri-GATOR 1000 feet: This kit irrigates 8 - 125 ft. rows up to 6’ apart. Easy to follow instructions included. The Irri-Gator's unique Ro-Drip tubing system includes a filter regulator and easy, no-tools-required fittings. This system gets water right to the root zone with precision and economy.
Wilt Pruf - $ 21.99
About Wilt Pruf: One quart size of concentrate. Easy to use, after diluting just spay tops and bottoms of leaves, needles and stems until the spray starts to run off the plant.
Root Feeder - $ 31.99
About the Professional Root Feeder: The Professional Root Feeder has a swivel hose connection and an anti-siphon check valve. The handle is plastic and is 9.5 inches wide. The stake is metal and is 27 inches long.